Crown Royal Peach Shooters With Just 2 Ingredients

Looking for a fun and delicious way to enjoy Crown Royal? Give these Crown Royal peach shooters a try…

Made with just two simple ingredients, they’re perfect for any occasion. 

Move over apple, it’s time to get creative with your Crown Royal cocktails. These peach shooters are the perfect sweet blend for any party.

Plus, they’re easy to make – just mix Crown Royal peach, and Simply Peach juice together and you’re good to go.

So grab a bottle of Crown Royal Peach and let’s get shooting.

Crown Royal Peach Shooters

Ingredients for Crown Royal Peach Shooters

  • Crown Royal Peach
  • Simply Peach
  • Peach Rings

Crown Royal Peach Shooters ingredients

Fill a shot glass halfway with Crown Royal Peach.

filling glass with crown royal peach

Top with Simply Peach.

simply peach and crown royal

Place a paper straw in the shot glass with a peach ring for garnish.

Crown Royal Peach Shooters with peach rings

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Crown Royal Peach Shooters

This would also make a great party punch. You could float the peach rings in the punch. Just adjust the measurement accordingly. 

close up of crown royal peach shooters

I hope you enjoyed this super simple recipe for Crown Royal peach shooters.

Crown Royal Peach Shooters side view


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crown royal peach shooters on counter

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